Saturday, 14 July 2012

New IPO chillis ratings

To celebrate the launch of the facebook page, the chilly ratings for IPOs is  revised as follows for IPOs launched after today:

The ratings above is just a tongue-in-cheek and is meant for short term indication only.  How IPOs perform in the short run depends greatly on market sentiments and perceived prospects. In the long run, many events post listing render the ratings useless. 

Chopped Chilli  - Save your $2 for a good cup of coffee or a plate of chicken rice if you can still find it. 

1 Chilli -  You are in the mood for love or adventure and feel like donating $2 to the bank or buy a big sweep ticket.

2 Chillis - Hit and run. Your $2 can probably buy you a month's worth of mee pok with chilli.

3 Chillis - This IPO is hot. Your $2 is probably going to buy you a romantic dinner for 2 with a bottle of red wine included.


Melinawatson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ryan said...

Hi Mr. IPO,
I am new in investing. When you give a 3 chillis rating to a specific company, do you have a specific time frame as to how long should we hold the shares before selling it?

Mr. IPO said...

Hi Ryan,

There is no time frame. The chilly ratings are purely to indicate whether you can subscribed and sell off on the first day. :)

Ryan said...

Thank you very much for you precious advice.

Anonymous said...

Opinion on EMAS Offshore offering?

Mr. IPO said...

Wait la. Busy with work

Anonymous said...

New IPO on Monday, whats your take?

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