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IPO Strategy

Updated as of 18 Jan 2015

This place documents Mr. IPO's strategy of "punting" the IPO market.

Targeted Companies 
Companies going to be listed on SGX and Catalist

Investment Capital
$20,000 to $200,000 in order to apply at least 100,000 shares at the ATMs. The more accounts you have the better the chances of getting the shares  

Time Horizon 
From one day to weeks

Targeted Returns
Between 3% to 20% for the first day pop. Annualization is meaningless!

Past Year Results


Anonymous said...

How to buy US IPO from Singapore eg coming ALIPAY?is it possible? Thanks

Mr. IPO said...

Think have to buy through private banks. Me not familiar

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

Are you familiar with Cryptocurrency?
Do you know any good website to buy Ripple (XRP)) /Cardano (ADA) / Stellar (XLM)?
as most of the Singapore well known Bitcoin exchange eg. Coinbase, Coinhako, Luno offer expensive Cryptocurrency eg Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH) / Litecoin (LTC) only.

Thanks in advanced

Mr. IPO said...

Nope. I am clueless...

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