Thursday, 9 November 2017

Keppel KBS US REIT - Balloting Results

Keppel KBS US REIT announced that its IPO received strong response and the public tranche was 6.7x subscribed. 

The public balloting table is presented below:

Investors who applied for 50,000 shares will have a 46% chance of being allotted 15,000 shares. 

I did not apply for the public tranche as I was allotted 50,000 units from the placement tranche. 

"The positive demand from both institutional and retail investors is a reflection of their confidence in Keppel-KBS US REIT's high quality portfolio and unique investment proposition that is backed by strong visible growth opportunities, both organically and through future acquisitions." - Manager

My personal view is that the relatively small issuance size and 6.7x subscription rate will imply a decent debut for the IPO. It will start trading at 2pm on 9 Nov. 

Good luck to those who applied and managed to get some shares! 😊

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